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Responsible for the content:

Milele - Future for Kenya

Auweg 10, 6408 Pettnau

Telephone: +43 670 350 37 35



ZVR number: 1941869925



Lisa Habel, chairwoman

Annalena Praxmarer, chairwoman deputy

Birgit Schmidt, cashier

Magdalena Habel, deputy cashier

Lisa Stöckl, secretary

Alina Köll, deputy Secretary


Organization purpose:

The non-profit organization aims to provide humanitarian and financial aid to needy people in Kenya.


A notice:

​Gender-appropriate language is not used on this website. We always use the masculine form of a word to make it easier to understand and read. For example, we use words like “user”, but of course we mean any gender.


Pictures unless otherwise indicated: Verein Milele  


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